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Subject: Software fault
Sender :PC mania

I ask you about the software just a little bit. When it upgrades from a girl friend 7.0 to a wife 1.0 last year, an unexpected thing happened one after another and it was troubled. The used object for upgrade, difference data is a diamond ring / salary 3.0 which was sold very much.
Although it was the most popular, was the ruby ring / salary 2.0 better?
Since it was upgraded, a lot of programs of the name of Children were born soon and memory was very taken, it succeeds to money, it is crowded and could not but come to change environment.
And doubtful difference date called esthetic, a bargain, a school for adult education, etc. in a wife 1.0
-- while downloading data freely from the Internet and not knowing it, it has upgraded to wife 1.2 and 1.3 and these difference data which is mostly shareware --is unawares.
And price is charged directly to the bank account.
Furthermore, a wife 1.0 installs itself in other programs freely, and is supervising all programs. For example, it supervises husband's drinking alcohol and, as for golf 3.1 or a party 5.0, the motion is very bad. If it results in Cabaret 6.2, it does not move at all. It crashes only by choosing Cabaret 6.2.
Then, although I want to return a girl friend 7.0 from a wife 1.0, this wife 1.0 can not be uninstalled at all.
The whole system is likely to be involved in if it is going to uninstall forcibly. Please teach me how to do.

Subject:Re:Software fault
Sender :support center

Thank you for asking. We have the same question a lot before. This is a wife's 1.0 affair. When the most, a cause is in big misunderstanding. The direction which considers to be mere utility software and is somehow upgraded when upgrading from a girl friend 7.0 to a wife 1.0 is multi-stake. However, a wife 1.0 is not utility software but is OS. Probably, you may think that it differs fundamentally [ a girl friend 7.0 ]. Therefore, once it installs a wife 1.0, what says that it uninstalls or returns a girl friend 7.0 is almost impossible.
When surely worrisome, we recommend you use of vaccine programs, such as a mother-in-law 7.3 and the sister-in-law 4.3. However -- since these vaccine programs are carrying out the inner package of a program group with difficult treatment like the variety TVshow PM3.0, the well side PM4.0, etc. -- sometimes -- a wife 1.0 -- it may run recklessly together. Although there is also a father-in-law 7.6 for supervising these vaccine programs, since a possibility of it being unstable, and it being crowded in slight roundness to a wife 1.0, or it being crushed by the mother-in-law 7.3, and changing to the dotage old man 7.6 also has operation, a father-in-law 7.6 should be careful.
By force, if a wife 2.0 and the girl friend 8.0 may be installed, a problem will become much more large and recovery of it will become impossible here. Since it is written to the "expense of
bringing up a child" and a "distribution of property" of a help file in detail, please look through this hit. In addition, although not supported in our company, there is also series, such as
consultation of a debugging program, mediation, and a trial. In grades of the lawyer wear chosen as an option, since the environment after debugging changes a lot, please choose carefully.
In the case which our company is checking, when viruses, such as passing fickleness, extramarital affair Office Lady 2.4, and unapproved staying out, are mixing, it seems not to return to the
environment also with the good, however high lawyer wear of a grade. Therefore, a wife 1.0 should unite surrounding environment with a wife 1.0, without touching as it is. Please also
examine introduction of hardware called a single house and an apartment. Please crash repeatedly, or when the influence of the program on others is large, it is the command line of
DOS prompt and devote yourself with C:\very_sorry. It should recover in most cases.
When it still cannot recover and you have returned to the parents' home through a network, please perform the Chase program ground right-hand of the stage immediately. When you buy new software, it is necessary to consider the affinity with a wife 1.0. In understanding now, a cake 4.0, the bouquet 5.2, etc. say and need affinity very much.
I pray good fight. Moreover, if something is, please let us know.

I hope you could laugh at this joke (^-^)