Prevent 'Boke'

Way of life that doesn't become senile even if aging


You must not intrude, not say wry comments,
not complain, not say person's backbiting if you aged.

You must praise others and always pretend the fool
even when you are questioned and answered correctly.

You must not win and must be defeated.
If you are sooner or later indebted,
you must favor the young person.

You must fall more than the young person by one step.
You must express gratitude at any time.
You must say, "Thank you" at any time.

You must throw away the desire of money

because you cannot take money when you die.
You must scatter money during alive.
Then, it is said that you were a good person.
You must do it good to the utmost.

It is an official story.
You should not separate money until dying.
Though everyone says you are stingy,
everyone follows you because you have money.
It is the truth though this is secret.

Forget all things of the past and stop boasting.
It has already passed away in our age.
Physical strength doesn't continue even if holds out.
You are great and I am already useless.
Become such feelings.

Become an elderly person adored by my child and grandchild.
You must not become easy to forget it.
Find something to live for by refreshing the head.
Have one some hobbies and live long at most.